Offworld is a mobile interstellar cocktail bar. It travels from planet to planet in the outer reaches, setting up on each world for a short stay before taking off again.

Aficionados of exotic drinks seek out Offworld in its various locations to experience the stunning vistas of strange and unfamiliar worlds and intriguing local recipes inspired by each planet’s native life forms and dominant planetary chemistry.

Whether they arrive by private shuttle, chartered space yachts, or alien singularity-warp technology, visitors to Offworld are unified by their daring spirit and their desire to travel to the farthest reaches of the galaxy to mingle and drink among the stars.

From the creators of Storm Crow Manor in Toronto and Arcana Spirit Lounge in Vancouver, Offworld offers visitors a spaceflight like no other.

Offworld is also available for private event bookings. Contact our event team for more info at